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  • How are points calculated?

    Points for each item are awarded as follows:
    100% of points available for items marked Done.
    30% of points available for items marked In Progress
    1 point for each item marked Planned.
    Any item marked N/A will not receive any points.
    The Total Points Accumulated is determined by adding points for all items marked Done, In Progress and Planned. Our goal is for everyone to have as much Done as possible so we can recognize as many businesses as we can.

  • How many points is each item worth?

    The value of each item on the Scorecard is listed in the rightmost column of that item.

  • How do I clear the Scorecard?

    You can clear the points for any item in the Scorecard by marking the N/A button.

  • Why are some items grayed-out?

    For some items, points are awarded only if they are Done with no option for planning or in progress.

  • Is there a time limit that we can claim credit for any "green" activities we've done so far?

    The Scorecard has been designed to give you credit for all of the "green" activities you've done
    without regard for when they were done. For example, if your company started having "green" workshops three years ago, you may mark them as Done. If that's you, congratulations! You're way ahead of the curve!

  • How can I get points faster?

    If you're new to the "green" thing, the Scorecard gives you a clear roadmap for getting points quickly. Just start at the top and work your way down. By the end of the year, you'll not only be a "green" expert, but you will have saved your company lots of money now and in the future as well!

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