• What types or sizes of businesses can take part in the Green Business Challenge?

    There is no size specification to participate in the challenge-all are welcome. The El Paso GBC was designed for both small and large businesses and a variety of industry types. Challenge strategies and resources provided through the program were designed for companies with just a few staff to large companies of 50 or more employees.

  • Do I need to own my building or office space in order to participate in the Green Business Challenge?

    No, participating businesses may own or lease their facilities or office space, and may occupy only a portion of a larger facility/building. Even home offices are welcome to participate! Organizations with multiple buildings or facilities may consider focusing on one building at a time. Contact energy@elpasotexas.gov for more information or to discuss your facility or office space.

  • Can offices outside of the City of El Paso participate in the Challenge?

    Yes, the Green Business Challenge is open to all business in El Paso and El Paso County.

  • How much time will this challenge require from my business?

    If you can spare 20 minutes a week, you have time for the GBC. We have made the GBC implementation as streamlined as possible in order to insure the least amount of effort to attain maximum gains.

  • What types or sizes of businesses can take part in the Green Business Challenge?

    Do I have to share sensitive business information? All data collected during the challenge is strictly confidential, and will not be able to be viewed by anyone other than GBC staff. GBC staff will only share information with your permission. Data will be reported collectively as an overall program, not on an individual basis.

  • What if I cannot access energy and water usage data for my business?

    Estimate to the best of your ability. If you pay a water or electric/gas bill, you can get the information directly off the bill. If your utilities are worked into your lease, ask your property manger or landlord to help access this information.

  • When and where can I sign up for the Challenge?

    New participants can sign up at any time. Register here for the challenge.To learn more about the El Paso GBC and sign up for the Challenge by clicking here. New participants can sign up at any time.